So much has changed since the early stages of the pandemic. The ensuing months have asked us to reckon with tremendous loss, but also reflect on our daily routines, reconnect with the outdoors, and perhaps enjoy moments that otherwise can get lost in the quotidian shuffle. So many of us have missed the excitement of connecting with other musicians and sharing that energy and music with audiences. These are pieces for optimism, perseverance, and remembrance; songs for a new day.
Grand Canyon FanfareJames Howard/arr. Murtha
Illyrian DancesGuy Woolfenden
AllerseelenRichard Strauss/arr. Davis
Instinctive TravelsMichael Markowski
Moorside MarchGustav Holst/arr. Jacob
One Life BeautifulJulie Giroux
The LighthouseJoanne Harris
Of Our New Day BegunOmar Thomas
Manhattan Beach MarchJohn Philip Sousa

COVID-19 Protocols Are In Effect

Please bring your vaccination card, a photo id, and a mask to the concert. We will have someone checking credentials at the museum entrance. Once you enter the hall we ask that you mask up and socially distance from other groups. Individuals under age 12 who are not eligible for a vaccine can attend as long as they are wearing a face mask.

Eric Melley