The mission of the Metropolitan Wind Symphony (MetWinds) is to contribute positively to the musical education and enrichment of the community through public performance of traditional and contemporary wind music, serve as a channel for the commission and presentation of new musical works, and provide an enjoyable, challenging, inclusive, and educational musical experience for the members.


The Metropolitan Wind Symphony (MetWinds) is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of musical excellence and serves to:

  • Provide its members opportunities for musical growth, education, expression, enjoyment, and fellowship.
  • Enhance the aesthetic development and increase the artistic and cultural insight of our members and our audience.
  • Provide to the community musical education and enrichment through diverse programs of traditional and contemporary wind music.
  • Present a diverse repertoire of music at an appropriate difficulty level, led by the artistic expertise of the Music Director.
  • Actively commission and perform new musical works for symphonic band.
  • Provide opportunities to educate and mold young area musicians that provide and contribute to their artistic growth.
  • Serve as a source of cultural pride for the citizens of the Lexington community, our performance home, and the Greater Boston area.
  • Attract diverse audiences of steadily increasing size and more reflective of the Greater Boston community through outreach efforts, reputation, and collaboration with other cultural organizations.
  • Represent the best in community ensembles by performing for and with other ensembles in the New England area.
  • Continue the tradition of the community concert band as an important part of America’s musical heritage


The values of the Metropolitan Wind Symphony (MetWinds) are:

  • To provide an inclusive, supportive, educational, and enjoyable environment for members of varying skill levels. (Community Building)
  • To care for each other and for the well-being of our community and respect the rights, dignity, and expression of all. (Inclusivity)
  • To provide high-quality performances of diverse programs of traditional and contemporary wind music to diverse audiences for entertainment and educational purposes. (Outreach)
  • To strive for continued musical growth and sustained musical excellence. (Musicianship)
  • To maintain transparent, democratic leadership. (Transparency)
  • To utilize available funds prudently and in the best interest of the organization. (Fiscal Responsibility)

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that participation in the arts deepens cultural awareness and empathy, develops openness, and enhances personal growth. We are committed to creating and contributing to a community in which every member’s voice is valued and respected. We recognize that diversity and inclusion are connected to our mission and are critical in our creating and sustaining welcoming and open artistic spaces for our leadership, musicians, patrons, volunteers, and community members.

We work with the understanding that the definition of diversity is constantly evolving. Our current definition of diversity includes race, color, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, disability, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation